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Serum, Rose Facial Roller, & Rose Gua Sha set

Serum, Rose Facial Roller, & Rose Gua Sha set

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Proper usage of facial skincare kits is the way to healthy and glamour skin. They can aid in the reduction of fine lines and wrinkles, the improvement of skin texture and tone, and the stimulation of collagen formation. Follow these simple steps to gain the skin of your dream.

Applying serum in the right way is the key to hydrated & smooth skin. Apply beauty boost face Serum after cleansing or toning your skin. Due to its potent nature applying two to three drops is sufficient for you. Dab the serum all over your neck and face with small tapping motions. Then let it settle into your skin for some time on its own.

The next step in the skincare routine is using a face roller. Rose quartz facial rollers are small instruments made of genuine solid rose quartz stone known for their cooling effects and energetic links with harmony and balance. Roll the larger stone on one end for broader portions of the face like the cheeks and forehead, and a smaller stone on the other end for more sensitive areas like the under-eye area and temples. By applying mild pressure and movement to the skin, rose quartz facial rollers can aid to reduce inflammation, enhance skin tone, and even promote collagen synthesis.

The final step before you go to sleep is getting a touch of gua sha. Gua Sha is now a popular at-home facial technique for achieving a more elevated, brighter, and younger appearance. A gua sha is a flat-edged rose quartz, jade, or crystalline stone with one curved edge. Start massaging the skin in upward strokes with mild pressure, which will increase blood flow and stimulate Excess fluid in the face, resulting in less puffiness and a more toned complexion.

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