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Serum, jade facial roller, And Jade Gua sha - Set

Serum, jade facial roller, And Jade Gua sha - Set

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In recent years, face serum has grown in popularity as a skincare product. It has been hailed as a powerful remedy for a variety of skin conditions due to its lightweight texture and highly concentrated formula. After cleaning or toning your skin, use the beauty boost face Serum. Because of its potency, two to three drops should be enough. Apply the serum to your neck and face with tiny tapping motions. Then, give it some time to sink into your skin.

The next step in the skincare routine is to use a jade facial roller from the kit. Using a facial roller as a ritualistic practice can be a relaxing technique to massage moisturizer into the skin or to relieve tension in a strained face. Roll the larger stone on one end of the face for broader areas like the cheeks and forehead, and the smaller stone on the other end for more delicate areas like the under-eye area and temples. Jade face rollers can help to relieve inflammation, improve skin tone, and even increase collagen formation by delivering gentle pressure and movement to the skin.

The last step before going to bed is to apply jade gua sha. Gua Sha is becoming a popular at-home facial procedure for achieving a more uplifted, brighter, and younger appearance. Gua sha is a flat-edged rose quartz, jade, or crystalline stone with one curved edge. Begin massaging the skin in upward strokes with gentle pressure to enhance blood flow and encourage excess fluid in the face, resulting in less puffiness and a more toned complexion.

 The jade stone set improves the overall texture of the skin when used regularly.

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