Ice Cubes Vs. Ice Globes: Why Ice Cubes Are Good, But Ice Globes Are Better

Ice Cubes Vs. Ice Globes: Why Ice Cubes Are Good, But Ice Globes Are Better

Ice has long been a staple in our lives, whether for cooling drinks on a scorching summer day or preserving food.

Ice works by restricting blood vessels and thereby tightening the skin. When this occurs, blood rushes out from the face and returns rejuvenated and nourished. This results in a brighter, more radiant complexion. The nutrients give the skin the building blocks it needs to increase suppleness and prevent wrinkles from forming. While the results may not be as quick, it's the natural alternative to Botox. Traditionally, ice cubes have been the go-to choice for most people. However, in recent years, ice globes have emerged as a trendy alternative.

Experts and customers alike are becoming increasingly aware of the benefits of combining the de-puffing effects of facial massage with the radiance-boosting benefits of cold therapy via a facial ice globe, which is far easier to use than an ice cube. Avam’s Ice Globes provide the same benefits as ice cubes but without the melting mess or the challenge of keeping slippery ice cubes against your skin.

In this blog post, you will explore the advantages of both ice cubes and ice globes and explain why ice globes are the better option.

I. Ice Cubes

Ice cubes are quite flexible. They are simply made using ice cube trays of various sizes and shapes to suit different applications. Ice cubes provide versatility in their application, whether you desire large ice cubes for slow melting or smaller ones for faster cooling.

2.Faster Absorption

You can boost the absorption capacity of your skin by rubbing ice cubes on it before applying other skincare products. Other products, when rubbed with ice cubes, can penetrate deeper layers of the skin.

3.Calms Inflammation

If your skin is raw, itchy, and irritated as a result of overexposure to the sun, allergies, rashes, or even persistent cystic acne, rubbing an ice cube on the affected region might relieve the discomfort. It is an excellent method for quickly constricting the blood vessels and reducing discomfort.

4.Key to glowing skin

Ice on the face stimulates blood circulation and brightens the skin. It also boosts the amount of oxygen in the skin and supplies essential nutrients and vitamins.
Furthermore, because of capillary constriction, rubbing an ice cube on your face promotes the absorption of your skincare products.

Ice Globes

II. Ice Globes

1.Reduces the appearance and size of big pores

We all want healthy skin and will go to any length to attain it. When it comes to chilly temperatures, employing ice gloves helps to reduce and shrink open pores, making your skin look smoother and more radiant.

2.Reduces Redness

Sunburn, irritation, inflammation, picking at pimples, and acne can all be decreased with a cold massage of ice globes on the red affected areas caused by waxing. Cold massage on the red and swollen area draws more blood and lowers edema, resulting in radiant skin.

3.Lymphatic drainage

Encourage lymphatic drainage by gently sliding the jade roller along various routes of the face. This process aids in the evacuation of toxins and the decrease of puffiness, resulting in a more sculpted and contoured appearance.

4.Reduces Puffiness

Ice globes work wonders for reducing puffiness and inflammation, especially around the eyes and cheeks. The freezing temperature constricts blood vessels, which helps to minimize swelling and redness. These magnificent ice globes can assist us in times of need.

5.Boost Skin elasticity

Skin collagen production declines as we age. Massage with Vitamin C-rich skincare to help revive your skin's collagen. Not only do Ice Globes aid to relieve inflammation, but they can also improve skin suppleness.

6.Healthy glowing Skin

The ice globes assist in achieving healthy, beautiful skin. When the cold temperature contacts the skin, it helps to tighten it and return it to normal. Ice gloves help to improve oxygen and blood flow to the face, giving it a healthy and brightening glow.

7.Versatility and Creativity

Similar to ice cubes, ice globes can be customized to suit individual preferences. With the availability of specialized molds, you can create ice globes in various sizes and even add fruits, herbs, or edible flowers within them, further enhancing the visual appeal and flavor of your drinks.


The visually appealing appearance of ice globes is one of the key reasons for their popularity. They elevate the overall presentation and enhance the drinking experience by adding a refined touch to any drink or cocktail. Ice globes can be made using special molds, giving them a refined and attractive appearance.


In conclusion, while ice cubes have long been the standard choice for chilling beverages, Avam’s ice globes offer a range of advantages that make them the superior option. With their visually stunning appearance, slower melting rate, even distribution of chill, and potential for creativity and customization, ice globes add a touch of sophistication and enhance the overall experience.
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